I attended the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Cesare Pavese” in Caserta and shortly after I started my career in Information Technology.

After some short experiences in a local startup, assembling custom computers and connecting people to “new” Internet, I got the chance for a enterprise experience during the military service at the Italian Air Force.

I started first in a Consultancy Company based in Rome in 2001 and since 2006 I work on Cassa depositi e prestiti where I am now the Head of the ICT Sourcing & Portfolio Business Unit, of course in the Information & Communication Technology Area.

In these years in CDP I have dealt with Technical Operations, Users Support Services, Digital & Transformation Projects, Innovation & Strategy.

In parallel I deepened the business competence especially in Sustainability, Finance and Banking Sector.

I am passionate about Emerging Technology and how they can evolve the way we work and collaborate.

My hobbies range from Photography or Video editing to powerful Cars and comfortable Motorcycles. I like old Cinema, new TV Series, Online Multiplayer Videogames and of course being on the sofa for hours.

I experience the use of Home Automation, Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics for fun.

Thank You for reading!